Basement at risk of flooding this year? Experts say, know who to call first
In the midst of another wet year in Central Ohio, basement water removal companies are keeping busy fixing the problems caused by flooding. The Basement Doctor tells ABC 6 / FOX 28 that its busiest January ever came just a month ago, as crews work around the clock to repair and replace millions of dollars in basement water damage.

To avoid the same thing happening to you with heavy rain and snow melt, company spokesman Ryan Bolin recommends the following:

  • Check your sump pump regularly. If you have a battery backup, be sure it is charged and properly connected to electricity
  • Clear any debris away from your sump pump area, and make sure the pit is properly covered to avoid debris clogging your pump and lines
  • Be sure the electrical outlet serving your pump is wired properly, is GFCI certified where required, and can handle the load if your pump needs to run continuously. Check the fuse for that outlet in your electrical box
  • Be sure the lines to the outdoors are clear, and that you have a fail-safe to continue pumping water outside should the lines to the street become clogged or blocked

If your basement does flood, make sure you have a handy list of your insurance provider, your personal local agent, and a properly-insured local flood and water mitigation company to eventually clear away the mess.

"When this happens, people get busy very quickly," Bolin says. "All the contractors you may call are going to have a waiting list. You want to get on the top of that list as soon as you can, because you're at the mercy of the job in front of you on how soon they're going to get to your house."

You should also prepare your basement for potential flooding, especially if there is storage or living space, by storing valuables in leak-proof plastic containers and raising other items at least a few inches off the floor.

2018 was the wettest year on record in Columbus, with early 2019 keeping a close pace thus far between snow and rainfall.

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